Legal info


1. Is it legal?
Yes. Though many things (singing, dancing, handing out leaflets etc…) are against the Heathrow Byelaws, wearing a t-shirt is not a crime. So as long as you’re not demonstrating you’re not breaking the law.

The Heathrow Byelaws give security personnel the power to ask you to leave the airport, and failure to comply is a criminal offence. If you’re spotted before 12 noon, you may well be asked to leave.

In the unlikely event that you’re arrested, please call 0845 458 2564 upon your release and leave your name and number so that we can help provide any necessary legal support.

2. What should I say if I’m approached by security before 12 noon, and they ask me what I’m doing at the airport?
That’s up to you. However, if you want to say that you’ve come to meet someone, you can obtain a complete list of the planes arriving at Terminal Five by visiting the night before.

3. What should I do if I’m prevented from getting to T5 departures for 12 noon?
If security have asked you to leave, then failure to do so could result in your arrest. Otherwise, get as close as you can (even if this means another Terminal) and reveal your shirt at 12 noon.

4. Do the police have the right to ask for my name and address?
Yes. Failure to give them could result in your arrest. They also have the right to ask you why you’re at the airport (see 2. above).

5. Do the police have a right to film and / or photograph me?
Yes, so make sure they get your best side!


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