NB. Although these FAQs relate specifically to our next flash mob, the general points apply to all the Flash Mobs we do.

Our next flash mob will be held in the Departures section of terminal 5 at midday on the first Saturday after the Government announces its decision on Heathrow expansion – expected in December – unless it rules out ALL expansion of the airport.

Remember for any flash mob at Heathrow, give yourself plenty of time to get there.  At least an hour from Central London.

* How many people will be there?

Hopefully hundreds.  There were around 500 when we did a flash mob the day Terminal 5 opened.

* Is it legal?

Yes. Though many things (singing, dancing, handing out leaflets etc…) are against the Heathrow byelaws, wearing a t-shirt is not a crime. So as long as you’re not demonstrating, you’re not breaking the law.

However, you might want to bring a climate-change related book with you to read in the airport, or a book about the importance of silence, or have a loud climate-change-related conversation and an even louder won about noisy aircraft with a friend, whilst imbibing a cup of (pricy) coffee …

* Will it be peaceful?

Yes, completely. The flash mob will be legal, peaceful and fun: people will assemble briefly before dispersing as peacefully and as quietly as they arrived.

* Should I arrive at Heathrow openly wearing my t-shirt?

No. Please do not reveal your t-shirt until midday. If you want to come wearing it, then wear something over the top of it until midday.

* What will the flash-mob achieve?

The flash mobs have been very colourful.  And they are like a piece of street theatre.  Because they are visual and dramatic, they attract the attention of the press and the public.   This flash mob, just after the decision, will demonstrate that the fight goes on and once again help to highlight the real problems that airport expansion causes: climate change, noise, air pollution and community destruction.  And draw atention to the fact that the economic case for expansion has not been made.

* Who will be taking part?

Local residents who’ve fought expansion for so long. People who will lose their homes if a third runway and a 6th terminal go ahead. Local people whose quality of life will be ruined if more planes are allowed on the existing runways.  People from around London, and further afield, who are concerned about climate change.. Everybody is invited!

* Who’s behind the flash-mob call out?

We are a group of people concerned about climate change and, in particular, the impact of the aviation industry and plans for airport expansion. We are also concerned about the other downsides of airport expansion: noise; community destruction; and air pollution.  We are all active in movements for social change, especially the environmental and peace movements. Members of the following organisations have been involved in the planning process on a personal basis: AirportWatch, Bicycology, HACAN, NoTRAG, the London World Naked Bike Ride, Plane Stupid and Rising Tide Hastings.


6 responses to “FAQs

  1. Where can I get a T shirt from?
    07800 852 694

    • Hi Robyn, Paul, Magda and everyone.

      We’re out of the tshirts I’m afraid – and we don’t have enough money to make any more at the moment.

      For tomorrow, we suggest people come in plain red tshirts if possible to add to the sea of red. Otherwise wear want you want and we will have red sponges to throw at Geoff Hoon!

      Thanks a lot, and hopefully see you tomorrow

      ps. If anyone can make a donation towards getting more tshirts made for the future (whether or not you’d like one yourself), you can send a cheque payable to ‘Hastings Rising Tide’ to: Stop Airport Expansion flashmobs, c/o Voices UK, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX. They cost about £10 each to make and distribute, and let us know if you’d like us to send you one.

  2. My wife and I have been on two demos on airport expansion now but we don’t know where to get the t-shirts from. Can you help?

    Paul and Magda

  3. susanne griffin

    Just wear a red T-Shirt/jumper if you don’t have the printed one – you can always decorate it yourself with some white paint or even stick on some cardbord/thick paper if you want the logo to be seen. A bit “Blue Peter” I know ! It’s the overall visual effect which is important for the media coverage. A simply huge, heaving sea of red – with some white anti-aviation messages visible to those who read the newspapers/watch the news would be ideal.

  4. it shd be possible to get simple 1-colour t-shirts made up for less than a tenner, esp if 100s are ordered – I can recommend 5th column http://www.fifthcolumn.co.uk/ then sell them at the next flash-mob for a small profit to plough back into the campaign – just a thought!

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