EuroFlashmob! Saturday 16th May


Simultaneous flashmobs across Europe

Saturday 16th May 2009 – the day of the Eurovision Song Contest!

Join Heathrow Flashmobbers in a Europe-wide Flash Mob – taking place on the same day at 6 airports across Europe

12 noon – on the dot!

Flash your red t-shirt in the departures section of Heathrow Terminal 1

Flash Heathrow! Flash Paris! Flash Frankfurt! Flash Amsterdam! Flash Brussels! Flash Dublin!

Airport expansion plans across Europe threaten to undermine all our efforts to stop climate change. The aviation industry like to say “if we don’t expand Heathrow, then flights will just go to Frankfurt or Paris”. But that’s not true. Expansion plans all over Europe are opposed by millions of people and they cannot go ahead if we are to make the necessary cuts in emissions that scientists advise.

Join the first simultaneous flashmob across Europe to say no to noise, no to air pollution and no to climate change!

Each airport will sing their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest being held that evening in Moscow as well as other eurovision classics from the past (song-sheets provided!)

Join us! Bring your friends, wear a red t-shirt, bring instruments, download your favourite eurovision song onto your ipod or phone, wear a silly hat or wig, dust off your dancing shoes, let’s party!

Europe United Against Airport Expansion!

See you in Departures at Terminal 1 at 12 noon on the dot!

All over by one o’clock.

Tell BAA to get in tune! No Third Runway!

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Frankfurt flashmob:


Reenact some Eurovision classics at the Heathrow Euroflashmob!

At the Euroflashmob each airport will sing their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest being held that evening in Moscow as well as other eurovision classics from the past (song-sheets provided). Here are four of the tunes that will DEFINITELY be sung at the Heathrow flashmob:

Flash Boris!

Flash Mob Thursday 5 March (Before Boris’s People’s Question Time) 5.45pm Prompt for 6pm flash:
York Hall, 5-15 Old Ford RoadBethnal Green, E2 9PJ
Wear a‘no to expansion’ t shirt, or any red top, and bring your banners

This is just the beginning…

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the decision day flashmob today.


Hundreds of us joined together for an immediate show of force following the Government’s decision on Thursday to approve the third runway. Our message to BAA was simple:

We won’t let you destroy Sipson and put our climate in peril!


Brown and Hoon may think the hard part is over – but this is just the beginning…

The third runway will not be built!


To stay involved in the movement against airport expansion, check out the groups in the links box on the right.


Photos by Amelia Gregory,







Third Runway Approved: Flashmob this Saturday (17 Jan)


The Heathrow Decision Day flashmob will take place this Saturday 17 January 2009 at 12 noon on the dot, in Terminal 5 Departures (Security North).

Join us to show the Government that we’re in it for the long haul.

Heathrow Decision Day Flashmob – We’re In It for the Long-Haul


With Geoff Hoon, the new Transport Minister, expected to announce the Labour Government’s decision on Heathrow expansion in December, we’ve announced our plans for a Decision Day flashmob back at Heathrow Terminal 5 – where it all started earlier this year.

Here’s the plan: unless *all* expansion plans for Heathrow are dropped, a Stop Airport Expansion flashmob will take place at Heathrow Terminal 5 on the first Saturday after the decision is announced. We will be unveiling our tshirts at 12 noon (on the dot!) in the departures section of Terminal 5.  Be ready to come!  Red t-shirts are desirable but not essential!

The flashmob will be an immediate chance to demonstrate our feelings if expansion is given the go-ahead – and show that opposition to expansion is not over for the Government by any stretch of the imagination. More details coming soon!

To make sure you get notified about the flashmob, join our low-volume email list by sending a blank email to

Climate Rush Heathrow

Monday 12th January, 7pm at Heathrow

Not a Flash Mob, but……following their hugely successful Climate Rush on Parliament, the Climate Suffragettes invite all of us (men too) to Dinner at Domestic Departures, Heathrow Terminal One, 7pm, 12th January, the day Parliament resumes after the Christmas break.

Newham Council mobbed

Heathrow campaigners and environmentalists from around London joined forces with the local group Fight the Flights on Wednesday to protest against a 50% increase in flights at City Airport in a flashmob outside Newham Town Hall.

It coincided with a Newham Council hearing which as expected approved the expansion – but campaigners vowed it’s just the beginning of their fight. For the latest information see the Fight the Flights blog.

For a report from the flashmob, see Amelia’s blog.

Photos: Amelia Gregory

London City flashmob – 8 October

London City Flashmob @ Newham Town Hall
Wednesday 8th October 5:45pm sharp.

On Wednesday 8 October Newham Council in London is deciding whether to give the go-ahead to a 50% increase in the number of flights using London City Airport.  Flights numbers would jump from 80,000 to 120,000 a year:

– Horrendous noise for local communities
– More air pollution
– Bad for climate change
– All the flights are short-haul flights

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, supports expansion.

Join us for a flashmob to say Stop Airport Expansion! – No Expansion of City Airport!

We’ll have some red t-shirts to give out on the day. Or just wear any red t-shirt.

Where we will be: Outside Newham Town Hall, Barking Road, East Ham. East Ham is pretty easy to get to: get the District Line to East Ham Underground, turn left down High St North, and after a few minutes walk you reach Barking Road and the Town Hall. Click here for a map

To stay in touch about Stop Airport Expansion flashmobs join our email list: send a blank email to

Pics from Labour Party Conference flashmob

From the Manchester Evening News:

PROTEST groups descended on the Labour Party conference to oppose the expansion of Manchester Airport and raise support for ex-British Gurkha soldiers.

A flash mob, from the new environmental pressure group Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport (SEMA), staged a colourful protest to coincide with the fringe debate ‘Can politicians save the planet and get re-elected?’

About 100 protesters, with support from London campaigners opposed to the expansion of Heathrow airport, removed coats and jumpers to reveal bright red protest T-shirts outside Manchester town hall.

Bemused passers-by stopped and stared as protesters spelt out the words ‘take the trains’.

Click here for more about Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport