Pics from Labour Party Conference flashmob

From the Manchester Evening News:

PROTEST groups descended on the Labour Party conference to oppose the expansion of Manchester Airport and raise support for ex-British Gurkha soldiers.

A flash mob, from the new environmental pressure group Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport (SEMA), staged a colourful protest to coincide with the fringe debate ‘Can politicians save the planet and get re-elected?’

About 100 protesters, with support from London campaigners opposed to the expansion of Heathrow airport, removed coats and jumpers to reveal bright red protest T-shirts outside Manchester town hall.

Bemused passers-by stopped and stared as protesters spelt out the words ‘take the trains’.

Click here for more about Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport


One response to “Pics from Labour Party Conference flashmob

  1. my bet is that BAA have got something on Brown, else why would he be so frantic to allow the runway?

    do you need funds- i can manage a bit through my credit card?, not much as I’m on disability benefit

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