Lunchtime FLASHMOB against Airport Expansion

A flashmob to protest against the expansion of Heathrow, Manchester and all UK airports is being called to coincide with the Labour Party Conference in Manchester.

Tuesday 23rd September
12.45pm (sharp!)
@ Albert Square, outside Manchester Town Hall

What’s a flashmob?
A flashmob is a gathering that suddenly emerges out of nothing and then melts away nearly as quickly as it’s formed.  They’re usually quite short, about 10-15 minutes. They are fun, peaceful and legal.

Turn up outside Manchester Town Hall and, at precisely 12.45pm, reveal your red T-shirt.  Keep it covered before hand!

It will all be over by 1.00pm

3 ways to get your free ‘Stop Airport Expansion’ T-Shirt

1.  Email, or
2.  Meet at Friends Meeting House (Mount St) at 12.15pm and collect one, or
3.  Make your own!  Or just wear a red T-shirt!

The Flash Mob is also the public launch of the newly-formed Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport group (SEMA).

For more info see:

To stay in touch about future Stop Airport Expansion flashmobs join our email list: send a blank email to


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